The APeeling magazine is a collection of stories about business and life. Some of the articles I ghostwrite for clients, some I write with my byline, and others are submitted by business owners for promotion of their brand. 

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Incident Management Software

Larger organizations, with multiple locations, are at risk of incidents lowering their efficiency due to localized reporting systems, which are unstandardized, incomplete, and incapable of producing a comprehensive perspective. Incident Management Software collects standardized data from the whole organization to analyze incidents, run comprehensive reports, and prevent similar incidents from occurring, thereby, increasing the efficiency of the company, as a whole.

Honda Civic or Toyota Corrola?

The compact car is the perfect vehicle choice for the urban dweller, however, with all the choices available, which model is best suited for those living in Vancouver?  Whether going to the Okanagan for a weekend road trip or up to Whistler for a day of skiing, a vehicle needs interior space, power, fuel economy, and the reliability to get you back to Vancouver.


Compared to the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Civic has 
an edge to meet the needs of those living in Vancouver.

A Hiring Company that got it Right

You read a lot about employers making the job search process painful, to the point I’ve given up applying for job postings. Most employers have made this process inhumane and demoralizing for an applicant, however, not all companies are cruel.

Today, I want to tell you a story about a company that got it RIGHT!

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Talented at Connecting

There are plenty of good coffee shops in the area to choose from, I live in Canada’s version of Seattle after all. The Good Day Sunshine Cafe isn’t the easiest place to find, it isn’t in the main part of the larger shopping areas, you don’t drive by and see it on a regular basis because it isn’t on any main road. It’s not well known. There is nothing from the outside that makes you think "I have to try out this place and make it my destination location." However, it has one thing that no other coffee shop in the area has – It has Kris.

OMG Sales - Shoot Me Now

My wonky career path has included professional sales, the smile and dial numbers game sales. I was kicking butt good at smilin and dialin, finding the decision maker, and getting in the door to meet. I had no problem making 40-60 dials a day, regardless if the product was Advertising, Online Review Platform, Financial Planning products, or Chinese Pump Jacks and Oil Pipe. I built qualified lists, found business, and even closed sales.

Round out Your Target Market

As a novelist, I create characters out of thin air and put them into different situations to tell a story. The more I know about the character, the more believable I can make their reactions, the more believable their reactions, the better the story. By using the same process as a novelist does to create a character, you can define your optimal target market.

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How to Create MarketAPeel

I am writing a workbook to help small business owners and independent professionals create Market A Peel by telling their brand story online and off. The book will bring contemporary marketing ideas, advice, and tips together with questions to help Business Owners and Independent Professionals define their Market A Peel.

Currently, I am facilitating workshops to define personal brand, create a plan of action to tell a story, and understand how to protect a brand

Please feel free to download the PDF file workbook for the

How to Create Market A Peel, Personal Branding Workshop