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Books for Boys & Girsl 10 - 14 years old




Red Dawn meets 1984. 

Jack wants to hang out with his friends but his mom's rules keep him grounded until they wake up to machine gun fire. Foreign soldiers have invaded his hometown cutting off power, shutting down communications, and restricting travel. To make matters worse, he doesn't know if his dad is alive, wounded, captured, or dead. He wants to find him, however, his mother doesn't care, the soldiers are in his way, and the cop who busted him is no help at all.  - Book for boys & girls aged 10 - 14

There was an odd feeling in the pit of Jack’s stomach as he went back upstairs to where Aiden was waiting for him. He couldn’t quite identify it. It wasn’t fear as much as a heavy lump of dread. Ryan was right, they should be fighting back, but how could they? They didn’t own any guns, and he’d never even shot one. Could he shoot a person? The memory of the man being shot at the grocery store flashed through his mind and he almost threw up. 


What could a kid do? The soldiers were everywhere, not just in his corner of the Lower Mainland. This was too big for one kid, for a handful of kids, even for a lot of kids to tackle. There was nothing he could do to stop the soldiers. They just had to wait for the army to show up. It was the only choice they had.


He opened the door to the playroom where Aiden was waiting for him. “Hey, buddy.”

"Thirteen was a well-written, gripping read from start to finish."
- Hannah on 
"The book is full of action, it’s fast paced and it is centred around a thirteen year old boy. I think kids will love it, especially boys."
- Whispering Stories on
"Peel did a fantastic job of setting the scenes in such a way that it created vivid imagery in my mind."
- Amber on 
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