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Shannon Peel Marketing Management ensures your social media efforts are telling the story you want told with interesting content that engages your customers through analysed results. 

Social Media Strategy and Storytelling

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Campaign Execution

Social Media Content Calendar Management

Social Media Monitoring and Tracking 

Social Media Audits and Optimisation 

Platform Brand Management

Advertising Campaign Management 

Online Reputation Management

Digital Content Promotion

Analysing Data for Efficiency 

Traffic Management and Lead Generation

Have you given up on social media?

Social media is a difficult world to navigate and a business needs a Marketing Manager who understands how to analyze the data and create engaging content to tell a brand's story. The rules keep changing as the industry tries to manage the large amount of content being posted to it. Shannon Peel Marketing keeps up to date on the industry, its changes, and analyze data to tell a brand's story efficiently, while maximizing the return on investment by cutting costs.  



Social Media

It is not good enough to post on social media hoping for the best. 

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“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.” 

Social Media

Social media is a reflection of society and its values not reality or truth.

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