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Reminds me of Red Dawn

Pam Dingee on GoodReads


Wow, this book was over before I realized it ... and I need more. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. If I had to describe this book I would say that it reminds me of Red Dawn, but with thirteen-year-old kids trying to keep their families together or reunite their families, and make plans for basic survival. I really liked the main character Jack and his average thirteen-year-old perspective. Like how his mom annoys him with all her 'babying' but he loves her and he'd do anything to protect her. I'm a complete sucker for a love being in a story too, even if it's gradual and not yelling in your face. I want to find out more about his mom and Nick. Plus, Jack's crush. Ah, young love :)


Mindset of a 13 Year Old

Chris Thompson on Authonomy


I think you have got the mind set of a thirteen year old boy just right, but in my opinion, there are a few issues with repetition and general editing. I think that the story is there. But my early reaction is, that this version of 'Thirteen' is only a first draft. As such, I think you need to go over the story, chapter by chapter, updating, revising and editing the plot as you go. There's no doubt about it. You can definitely write, and I know from my self, that there is no such thing as perfection, (I for one, will never be entirely happy with my work) but If you were to spend just a little more time self editing and honing the story down to a state that makes you, let's say, 75% happy, then everything will slot into place and you're in with a good chance. 
Patience is a virtue! Be patient and vigilant, and you'll eventually win!
I have given you high stars for the content of your work and I have put you on my W/L so that I might read on.
Keep writing, cos you're good! All the best, 

Hooked Me

Lillian Flesher on Goodreads


Wow, this book really hooked me, typical 13-year-old who rebels at most things especially his mother! He hates the fact that his dad has left and blames his mother, it is all her fault. Jack Sullivan thinks his mother is too strict, her rules suck big time, she always wants to spoil his fun. Typical of a boy his age, he just wants to have fun and hang with his friends, but his mother seems to always interfere, he just does not realise she is caring for him and loving him like a mother should, perhaps over-protective at times but she does have his safety as her main priority.


A Coward's Mantra

John Dizon on Amazon


Thirteen by Shannon Peel is a speculative fiction novel centered around the exploits of Jack Sullivan, a high school student in a single-parent home facing a national crisis as Canada finds itself under attack by invading North Korean forces. The invasion becomes a metaphor of the coming-of-age turmoil facing Jack as he prepares for his high school years amidst his dysfunctional family situation. The author’s modern-day parable is one that young adults will find both intriguing and incisive in reflecting true-to-life scenarios.


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