Unemployed but not Homeless, yet

I never really thought about how a family ends up out on the streets but I've been thinking about it lately.  I've been out of work for a year now, and out of Employment Benefits for 3 months, my bank account is in a negative balance and I am unable to pay even the minimum balance on my credit cards.  I have no way of putting gas in the car or even buying a bus ticket. 

I have absolutely no income. 

I am so frustrated at how hard its been to find a position that works for me and my family.  When I look back at my job search and the types of jobs that I should have taken I am filled with regret.  Especially when I can't even afford to put my kids in extra curricular activities.  I feel guilty my kids friends are off to after school activities and I can't afford something as cheap as Brownies. 

Thankfully I am married to a wonderful man who is gainfully employed at the moment. However, if for some reason the economy takes a turn for the worst and he finds himself on unemployment insurance we will lose everything and be out on the street. 

But for the Grace of God go I.....  Without my husband's income we'd be on the street starving to death.    The sad thing is that there are too many families on the street unable to afford housing, food, or things for their children.  There are too many who are employed but can't afford the high prices of rent or food.  Not everyone on the street is there because of drug or alcohol addiction, some just can't afford to be anywhere else. 

We throw a can of food into the food bank bin, we toss some coins at charities assuming they are handling the situation.  We don't see the homeless families so we assume they aren't there.  We go through our life thinking that its someone else's problem, but tomorrow it could be ours. 

Post is from Turned out just three years later I was in creditors court for unpaid bills and four years later I was standing in that Food Bank Line because I no longer had that husband. It was a difficult time but I did always have a roof over my head.

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