Talking Relationships with my Son

Updated: May 22, 2019

When did this happen?  When did my little boy grow up into a man?

My Teen got a Girlfriend

It's midnight and my son has just got off the phone with his girlfriend, the result is he questions everything about himself.

My son is an open book. He has no problem sharing his failures, bad decisions, and who he is with the world. He hides nothing and tells it like he sees it. 

His girlfriend is like most girls. She wants to spend more time with him. She wants him to be complimentary, romantic, and in love as Hollywood has defined it. Nothing wrong with this, unless you are in love with someone like my son and I.

We tend to open our mouths and let things fall out.

As we sit in the living room discussing what love is, what it means to be in a relationship, what the gender roles were, what they are now, what women want, what men want, I look at my son. At that moment I realize, I am having the same conversation with him I have had with countless men over coffee dates.

I am talking to a man, not a boy, and yet he is my son. I am a mom. I am supposed to kiss his boo boos and make everything better.  Not be sitting discussing relationships, love, and sex with him.

Is there anyway I can put Life in Reverse?

Seriously, if you know how, please patent it right away because you'll be a gazillionaire.

Boys grow into men, that is a sad fact. As a single woman in the dating world I'd say many mothers dropped the ball and forgot to teach their sons how to be polite when courting a woman. I do not want to drop that ball. I want him to be better than his father and I.

I want my son to be able to have healthy relationships. To know what he wants. To have boundaries. To know how to be a man who protects and cares for the woman he loves. How to not be abused and how to walk away if he is. I want this for my daughter too. I want them to be strong enough to know that I have their back no matter what.

Best books I ever Read on Parenting

If you only read 2 books on parenting the 2 I'd recommend are:

How to Talk so Your Kids will Listen and How to Listen so your Kids will talk.

Kids are Worth It

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Shannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN and is currently working on Book 2 in the series about a boy, his mom, a cop, and an invading army. She has brought war to a North American town to answer the question, what if it happened here?

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