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Single on Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine's Day.

It’s also Single Awareness Day, whatever that is.

This is my third Valentine’s Day as a single woman and I want to celebrate that. Being single is not a stigma, nor is it the end of the world. At first I thought I’d write about what love really is, but all one has to do is Google and there are pages upon pages of definitions about the world’s most discussed, studied, and written about emotion.

So I thought why not write a post celebrating what it means to be single and what better day to do it than Valentine’s Day.

Live Life My Way

The number one thing about being single, in my humble opinion, is getting to live life on my terms without having to cater to anyone else’s wants or agendas. It took me awhile to adjust to this new found freedom. To know what I wanted. To become the person I wanted to be and live the life I wanted to live. OK so I’m still working on this, it doesn’t happen overnight. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted for so long I forgot who I was.

No Expectations

Another great thing about being single on Valentine’s Day or any holiday for that matter, there are no expectations to meet. I don’t have to buy a gift, get dressed up, pretend to be happy with what gift my significant other bought, or not upset, when he barely does anything to make me feel special. There are no disappointments. No extra efforts. No expectations to be something or do something for someone else.

I Can Write

Becoming successful in one’s career choice takes time, focus, and effort. Something many woman can’t do because of demands from husbands and kids. Being single meant that I no longer had to run another person’s errands, cook, clean, or put their wants ahead of my own. I have time and energy to put into my own career now. Well when the kids don’t need something. I’m still not completely free of other’s daily demands.

I Can Date

As much as I find dating frustrating and disappointing. I can date. I can go out meet men and enjoy their company. I get to have a first kiss again, and again, and again. I can enjoy the excitement when a new guy likes me. I can enjoy their attentions and flirt shamelessly with whomever I chose. OK. So I’m not very good at this dating thing yet. I don’t think I ever was. I need lots more practice.

February 14th is just a day. A day too many people heap expectations on and stress out over. A day where men run around to buy gifts, flowers, dinner, to say I love you. Seriously, why can’t they do that when they feel like it and it’s not dictated to them? Well, maybe because they won’t do anything without the expectation of having to do something. That’s a sad thought.


This post was written on Feb 14, 2016. I have now been single on 6 consecutive days of Love and it hasn't killed me yet. In fact, the longer I am single - The better I am at being single.


Shannon Peel is the Author of THIRTEEN about a teen boy, his single mom, and her new beau during a foreign invasion. She is currently writing book 2 in the series, revising a short story for ebook publication, and revising her Chicklit series for publication. Check out her website at 

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