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Prayer for My Kids was Answered

(2010) While unpacking and going through stuff I found a prayer for my children I had written in 2004.  Looking back, I would say that it has been answered time and time again. It's time to pray these words again as my son is quickly coming upon the dreaded teen years.  I prayed these words daily for a time and although God has answered this prayer I hope that by taking up these words again he'll continue to answer it.

Lord, I ask you to give both (my son and daughter) wisdom.  Tune their ears to wisdom and their concentration to understanding.  Inspire them to search it out as they would lost money or hidden treasure, so they will understand what it means to fear you Lord and gain knowledge of you.  For only you grant wisdom and from your mouth comes knowledge and understanding.  Grant them good sense, or common sense, and be their shield protecting them as they walk with integrity.  Give them understanding for what is right, just and fair, so that they can find the right course of action every time.  Allow wisdom to enter their hearts with Joy.  For wise planning will watch over them and understanding will keep them safe.  Lord, I ask that you will give them an understanding mind so they will know right from wrong, as you gave to Saloman, but also give them the courage to put it into action.  Lord, may they listen to the teachings of (my husband) and I, may it crown them in grace and clothe them in honour.  Lord, pour out the spirit of wisdom upon them and make them wise.  It was by your wisdom, oh Lord, that you founded the earth, by your understanding you established the heavens and by your knowledge the deep fountains of the earth burst forth and the clouds poured down rain.  The profit of wisdom is better than silver and her wages are better than gold.  These things I pray for my children.  Lord help them to learn to be wise and develop good judgement.  Lord I plead that wisdom will cry out to them and they will hear her raising voice.  May they welcome her and all that comes with her.  May they see her value above that of gold, silver, and rubies.  May it multiply their days and add years to their Lives.  Lord, there is no greater gift than that of your wisdom.  If you are only to give them one gift may it be that of wisdom and the courage to act upon it.            - Amen.

As I copy this I realize how convoluted and formal it sounds.  When I wrote it down 6 years ago I was studying prayers of the Old Testament and then recommitted myself to studying prayer in 2010. 

Two thousand and four, seems like such a long  time ago and so much has changed.  I am not as satisfied or content as I was, then again at the time I focused more on my daily blessings then what I was lacking.  I wasn't distracted by the TV or the Internet, I was focused on reading and studying the Bible from cover to cover.  Maybe it's time I recommitted myself to learning and study and turned off the distractions and have quiet in the house.  Now if I could just get the crows to be quiet....


This post was originally from 2010. My children are indeed wise beyond their years and I discovered that comes with a whole different set of challenges. My son made a lot of bad decisions throughout his teens and chose to learn the hard way every time. My daughter is smart, wise, and extremely rational. She has a good head on her shoulders and was 16 before she made a bad decision. They may have made bad decisions, however they accepted the consequences with a maturity I never possessed.

I stopped praying and looking to God when my life fell apart about 3 years after this post was written. Thankfully, he did not abandon me and though my life was in pieces I still had enough money to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. That was it, but it was enough.


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