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Parenting: Video Games

I might as well throw away all their toys since all they want to do is play video games. The only time they argue is when they are playing a video game and my son is kickin' my daughter's butt. I'm torn regarding the kids playing video games.

They are time consuming and keep the kids too inactive physically but mentally active. They play games that engage them in problem solving situations. They are always trying to figure out the next step or the next puzzle. They play games together learning about teamwork and working together towards a common goal.

Video games consume time and before they know it hours have passed and they haven't done anything. Then again what are they suppose to be doing - playing and having fun. They can't run around the house and get physical exercise when it's raining outside, which during the winter months in Vancouver is everyday.

My son plays video games with his friend in Calgary over the phone and internet. They work together and help each other get to the next level. They are communicating and using social skills and since they are 12 hours away from each other it's the only way they can play together.

Getting them to turn off the games and do something else turns into a fight and tears. Then chaos and noise for the house and they bug me for stuff. I have a love hate relationship with video games, on one hand I see how they benefit the kid's development and on the other I know that too many video games is not a good thing to do all the time.


Post is from 2010 - My kids did move on from Video Games and went on to spend more time doing more and are the bestest of friends.

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