Oh Henry Halloween Costume

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

This year my daughter has her mind set on being a chocolate bar for Halloween, at first I thought OK easy enough - cardboard, paint, and some tin foil.  Well, she never takes the easy route, she wants to be an Oh Henry bar. 

When it comes to sewing I have no skills - none!  Rounded cardboard box, not so easy to come by.  Perhaps some yellow poster board.  I know if it doesn't look exactly like the chocolate bar she's going to pout and then all that work will have been for nothing. 

So, I did some Internet surfing and here's what I've found when it comes to making a chocolate bar costume:

Homemade costumes.

How to make a Chocolate Bar Costume

Hershy Bar from Garbage Bag

 A S'more anyone?

Buy A Snickers Bar Costume

Buy a Three Muskateers Costume

Today I went out to Wal Mart - found a box for free and bought 2 yellow poster boards to glue on it. Now to get out the paint and start making it look like an oh henry bar!  It will be a rectangular oh Henry bar but at least people will get what she's supposed to be.

In the end my daughter made the costume herself.  She used my cricut to cut out the letters using black contact paper and red construction paper.  She used markers to write the smaller details on the bar.  We attached it to a cardboard box and painted her face brown to cover it in chocolate.  Everyone loved her costume and she ended up with a lot of oh henry bars in her trick or treat bag.

My son's costume is a whole other issue - Artillery Zombie Soldier.......  Whatever happened to pirates, princesses, and superheros?

This post is from 2010. I am so glad I wrote it with the photo because I lost all the digital pics from that time.

Shannon Peel is an author and a marketing professional.

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