Marijuana Laws in Canada

Updated: May 2, 2019

(2010) The ineffective laws created by the courts have made the illegality of marijuana laughable. It might as well be a legalized and regulated making our communities safer. Personally, I think marijuana is a bad thing and should be criminalized but since our court system is unwilling to act on laws put in place to protect society, we'd all be better off if it were legalized. The pro marijuana and free Marc Emery protests happening in Canada are evidence at how absurd the whole mess really is.

Protesters in the lower mainland BC are rolling joints in MP's offices and the police are there only to make sure they stay peaceful. The protesters don't light up because it is illegal to smoke anything, including legal cigarettes, in public places.

Protesters in Calgary, AB rolled a huge joint on the desk of the leader of this country, our premier Stephen Harper. They then proceed to light that joint and smoke it in his office. Police do nothing to stop them.

All this proves is that the courts have tied the hands of law enforcement and have, in practice, legalized the drug. The protesters are not protesting the illegality of the drug, after all nothing happens to them when they break the laws that govern this substance. They are protesting the extradition of Marc Emery to the US for breaking US laws governing the sale of marijuana seeds. In Canada Mr. Emery would receive a $200.00 fine for the offence, he's facing jail time in the US.

In my opinion, if you do the crime you do the time. Mr. Emery was well aware of the laws and choose to ignore them - the consequence of that decision is jail. Had he just done business in Canada he'd still be walking around the streets free as a bird.

The courts have thrown out case after case, frustrating the efforts of the RCMP. The judges continually allow criminals to operate in our communities making them unsafe for our children. Powerful and dangerous criminals continue to grow, smuggle, and sell marijuana with no regard for their neighbours safety or health. To change the situation the whole legal system would need to be turned upside down because the laws as they stand now protect the criminals.

The government and courts need to make a decision and stand by it.... either marijuana is a legal substance or an illegal substance. The whole mess of making it illegal and enabling judges to interpret the laws to ensure criminals receive a slap on the wrist, if that, is laughable.

The original post if from 2010 - it took eight more years for the government to take a side and four for me to change my opinion about it - it's finally legal. At least they will start making money on it instead of spending money.

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