Hope is a 4 Letter Word

Updated: May 21, 2019

A writer manipulates the hopes of her characters to generate hopes in her readers. The best stories are the ones where the reader has a vested interested in seeing where the story goes because he hopes it will end the way he wants it to.

Hope is a Valuable.

Thousands of people buy lottery tickets hoping they will win the jackpot. They aren't buying an item or even the jackpot. What they are buying is hope and the chance to dream of a different life for a few days. Hope is a valuable commodity corporations and con artists use to get people to part with their money. A promise that satisfaction will visit soon.

Hope is Never Alone.

Personally, I don't like hope because it comes with two distinct brothers; satisfaction and disappointment. Disappointment being the extroverted in your face brother and satisfaction being the brother who lives on the other side of the country and who might visit on holidays, if you're lucky.

Hope is a Daily Visitor.

Disappointment is the staple in my love life. The pain of loneliness and rejection outweighs the joy of hope. Uhm, this part of the story isn't very interesting, so let's move on before I start hoping that I'll find Mr. Right and before you say something like, hang in there.

As a parent I have hopes and dreams for my children. The hopes for my son were dashed when he became a teenager. The good news is that his journey gave me the character Jack for my novel, THIRTEEN. I'm still holding out hope that my daughter will conform to my hopes and dreams. - Yeah I know don't hold my breath.

We hope for love, wealth, success, happiness, and fulfillment of dreams every day. Even though we know that we will be visited by disappointment more often than satisfaction. We can't help it, hope is too strong to ignore.

Can I just Stop Hoping?

Hope is a four letter word that brings more unhappiness and frustration than it does joy, however, a life without hope is dismal and depressing. Hope brings a will to fight, a promise of better things, it moves your personal story forward.

Without hope, life is stagnant, dark, and pointless - kinda like my love life - so hold onto hope and move your story forward.

Definition of Hope Quotes on Hope What is Hope - Yahoo What is Hope - Wikipedia

If you are an author how do you use hope in your stories?

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