Grandma's Here, She'll Clean

My parents are in town, which for me is always a blessing.  My mom cooks, cleans and spends time with the kids, virtually leaving me with little to do.  It's nice to have the around for conversation and company since I'm usually going insane with the solitude of my life. 

Yesterday I repotted my seedlings for the vegetable garden, I have way too many tomato plants, and started some more seeds.  Another month or so and I should be able to plant everything outside and get the smell of dirt out of my craft room. 

The kids have been on time for school everyday this week, since Grandma makes special breakfasts.  With 40 lates already this year being on time 5 days in a row is a record.  They almost didn't make it today but with a swift kick from Grandma they were on there way with only seconds to spare. 

My dad is always a huge help to my husband when he's in town.  There is always a project or two waiting for a second pair of hands to help out.  It's a good thing they live so far away or else my dad would have a third to - do list, or is that a 4th.  Let's see, house, cabin 1, cabin 2, lot, RV.... ok make that a 6th to do list.

My parents recently retired and after spending a few months in warm Arizona they are back freezing in Canada, with one stop over before settling in to the life of a retiree.  I know my dad will be busy, my mom.... hmmm I wonder what she'll do, whatever it is I'm sure she'll find lots to keep her busy as well.  If not, I'll just send the kids up for a little visit to Grandma's house and I'll get another vacation of sorts.

I am looking at my floor and I guess I could clean it, the dog has covered it in muddy footprints.  Then again, Grandma will be back soon from her shopping trip with the kids, is it too presumptuous to think she'll do it?

This post was originally posted in 2011 when I was still married and my kids wanted to live with their parents. Sigh, the good 'ol days.

Shannon Peel is an author, marketing professional, content creator, and a single middle aged woman living downtown Vancouver, oh how time changes things.

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