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Girl Just Wanna Have Fun

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

When you write a novel you have to know your characters inside and out. The more developed the characters, the more believable and empathetic they are. The aim of any good writer is to draw the reader in by making their characters relatable.

For this novel there are a number of characters and each one has their own back story, personality, likes, dislikes, and attitudes. Lindsay is one of these characters.

Lindsay – The Fun One


Name: Lindsay Hart Age: 47 years old Status: Divorced twice over Occupation: None Children: 2 – both girls live with their fathers Body Type: Tall and Slender


Lindsay likes to have fun. Always has. If there is a party, chances are Lindsay started it. She loves men, especially all the attention they lavish on her. No man can resist her charms, when she has her eyes set on bedding a man, nothing stops her. Not even a wedding ring, especially not a wedding ring. She considers married men bonus points because she is able to show them what a real woman is like in bed and loves the thrill of getting them to stray. Nothing personal ladies, it’s all in fun. In her opinion if wifey can’t please her man she deserves to have him stolen for a few hours.

She is constantly at the gym and the aging process is stressing her out. She is not about to let her looks go, she isn’t ready to hang up the party hat yet. She is still gorgeous and looks no older than 29, that’s what everyone tells her anyway.

To Lindsay, looks are everything and she has noticed that the partying has begun to take it’s toll and she’s not happy about it.


Marriage 1: Lindsay married Joey after she got pregnant with his kid, well she thinks it’s his. She’s 75% sure it’s his, maybe 50%. Still he believed her and married her. It was a disaster. All they did was fight, he expected her to stay home every night and take care of the baby. She lasted until the baby was two, then after a big blow out she walked out and moved in with her boyfriend of the time. She can’t remember what his name was. She saw the girl, Destiny, once a month until the girl turned 12 and decided that time with her mother was not important. The girl is 30 now.

Marriage 2: Lindsay married Michael for his money. She admits it. He was 18 years older than her and rich. Very rich. More than enough to share with her she thought. She got knocked up to get him to give her a ring and a very lucrative pre-nuptial agreement. This marriage lasted almost 7 years before his lawyers ganged up on her and forced her from the man’s home and life. Worse, they took away her 6 year old daughter, Evelyn, by declaring her an unfit mother. They even had the nerve to have Destiny testify. The nerve of them. She is bitter about it. Still, she walked away with a nice annual pay cheque and a fully paid for condo.


Her dad walked out on her and her mom who had a string of boyfriends afterwards. She made friends everywhere she went and lived with her mom until she was 16. Lindsay was in love with a 16 year old boy, her first love, she thought they’d get married until she found her mom in bed with him. Her mom told her to calm down, it was just sex, and she could join them. Lindsay packed a bag and never looked back. She heard her mom died of a heroine overdose, Lindsay didn’t attend the funeral.

Likes Dislikes

Lindsay loves men and sex. Wine is her drink of choice, but let’s face it, she’ll drink anything you put in her hand. She spends lots of time shopping for clothes and that is how she met Charlie, in Nordstrom’s changing room. They talked about clothes, sex, and men, from that moment on they were BFF’s.

Lindsay hates reading, she can’t stand housework or any kind of work. Her biggest fear is growing old and wrinkles are a thing to be destroyed. Don’t ask her to go camping or hiking she’ll turn and walk out the door. If it’s not 5 star it’s not going to happen.

Ideal Man

Her ideal man is hot, young and gorgeous. She will have fun with any man who catches her eye, however, the one she is searching for is in his 30s, hot, and if he has money all the better. If he doesn’t, it’s not a deal breaker they can live off her ex husband’s generous stipend, just as long as he’s hot and makes the old bastard jealous.


Shannon Peel is a Professional Storyteller. She has authored three novels in three different genres. Her company, MarketAPeel, helps Independent Professionals and Small Businesses define their personal brands and tell their story through different channels.

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