Chicklit Novel Revision and Rebrand

Updated: May 19, 2019

I have some time between projects so I thought I'd revise and rebrand my novel. Why? Because the cover, title, and marketing copy that I currently have is not attracting readers. The readers who do read the book, love it and give it 4-5 stars, so it has to be the outside - right?

Well, like any writer, the more I write the better I get and I'm better than when I wrote the book. Plus, I'm a lot less bitter and angry at men, kids, and the world. I'll see if I can do any better the second time around.

I spent the day today creating different cover options and trying to come up with a new title.

Here is version 2.0 - Want to place bets on how many versions it takes before I find the winner?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Shannon Peel is an author, content creator, and marketing professional, living in downtown Vancouver by herself, living the single middle aged Canadian Urban life. How's that for a descriptor? Check out her Marketing Agency site -

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