Books for the Cabin

I'm not sure what it is about life at the family cabin, but everytime I'm there I go into a slumber.  The cabin is a great place for me to catch up with my cousins and their families but I go into an anti-social stuper.  All I feel like doing is sleeping, eating, swimming, and most of all reading.  This is the one place where I read fiction novels and I consume a book a day at least.  I always take parenting books etc with the best of intentions to catch up on my non fiction reading but I rarely break their spines.  I picked up a bunch of novels at used book stores and garage sales, yes I am very behind when it comes to reading the annual best sellers or Oprah approved books. 

Along with some good reads by John Grisham and Joy Fielding, This year I picked up:

Memoires of a Geisha

Letter in a bottle

She's come Undone

I loaded the car down with books for the kids to read, since there isn't much to do up there except swim and read.  NO TV, internet, cell service, video games, or computers.  This year I left their portable video games at home.  My daughter spends almost every minute in the water or playing with her grandparents.  My son always has his nose in a book and avoids swimming or exercise.  This year he has an excuse though, on our first day of camping he was hit by a tree and sprained both ankles, that's for another post though.   Since there is no TV, cell service, video games, or computers at the cabin they have little choice but to occupy their time reading or running around in the great outdoors. 

I'm always looking for a good book or a good writer at garage sales just before I head out to the cabin.  This year I found a few but I've almost exhausted my favorite readers and am open to suggestions.... What's your favorite book to read at the beach or curled up with a glass of wine. 

I've been talking with other kids we've been visiting with, trying to find another series of books the kids will like.  So far Percy and the Olympians and something about the Ranger's apprentice are the frontrunners for my pocket book.  What books do your kids like to read?

Post is from 2010

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