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Alphabet Motivation

Here are some words to live by in the new year. Please do not remain stuck in regret, bitterness, fear, anxiety, heartache and pain. Forgive yourself for what you did, forgive others for what they did, and then strive to do it differently, to do it better.

Accept what you cannot change Be grateful for what you have Communicate honestly with others Do not dwell on the past Engage with others Forgive yourself and others Grieve and then move forward Happiness is a choice Imagine the life you want Joke and laugh daily Kick those who hurt you to the curb Love those who love you Mountains are for climbing No one will fight for you Open your mind to new ideas Prepare for tomorrow Question everything Read lots of books Stand up for what you believe in Talk to one stranger a day Utilize all opportunities given to you Value yourself above insecurity When in doubt, ask for directions X – seriously who invented this letter? You are special, remember that Zombies are coming – Buy a sword


Shannon Peel is a single mom to 2 teenagers and is the author of THIRTEEN a novel about a 13 year old boy, his mom, a cop, a city under siege by foreign soldiers, and a missing dad. This novel is the first in a series set in a modern day North American town.

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