5 Most Affordable Cities in Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia one of the affordable cities in Canda

Affordable living can be challenging to come by in the top tier, western countries, but nonetheless, Canada is one country that still boasts many cities that offer the right combination of affordable housing and job prospects. Let's take a look at five of the most affordable cities in the country, and what you can expect from each.

Kingston, Ontario

Not only is Kingston, Ontario a wonderfully comfortable and affordable city to live in, but it has repeatedly found itself at the top of lists of the best places in Canada to retire to. The climate is exceptionally comfortable, cool but bathed in sunshine for nearly half of the year. It's centrally located to three of Canada's biggest cities (Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), and combines small-town charm with the facilities and benefits of city life. The median price of a home in Kingston is a shade over $300,000, making it one of the most affordable on this list.

Edmonton, Alberta

While its cousin to the south, Calgary, may carry more national and international name value (especially for fans of rodeos and professional wrestling), Edmonton is a far more attractive prospect to people looking for opportunities and affordable living. Its job market is among the least competitive in the country, and the average house price in the city is $355,000, nearly a hundred thousand less than in Calgary. Of course, the flip side is that the average low temperature is at or below freezing for more than half the year, but if cold doesn’t bother you, Edmonton might be the place for you.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

One of the oldest cities in Canada, Halifax has made its reputation and living off of the sea for a very long time, as its fishing industry is among the healthiest in North America. Its job market is thriving, which is excellent news for the growing population of the city which recently broke the 400,000 mark. Even with the influx of residents and jobs, the average house price is still meager, averaging about $290,000.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Easily the most affordable of Canada's capital cities, the average price of a home in Winnipeg, Manitoba is only $278,000. Winnipeg also boasts an admirably high employment rate of 94 percent, and the combination of high employment, low housing costs, quality health care services, and easy commute times gives Winnipeg among the highest quality of life ratings in all of Canada. The climate in the Canadian Prairies is undoubtedly on the colder side, and its bone-chillingly frigid winters aren't for everyone, but if that's not an issue, Winnipeg is an excellent choice for a comfortable, affordable living.

Trois Rivieres, Quebec

Affordable might not be the first word to come to mind when you think of Quebec, but Trois-Rivieres is one of the few places in the province to fit the bill. With an astoundingly low average home price of only $147,000, the city has the lowest average housing cost of any city in Canada. The flip side is that the job market isn't the healthiest, partially owing to its small population of only 135,000, but Trois-Rivieres might be an excellent choice for retirees who don't have to worry about finding or maintaining employment.


Affordable living isn’t the easiest thing to find in any modern, western nation, but as you can see, Canada still offers many affordable, and comfortable, places to live, such as Brampton, both during your working years and beyond.

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