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At the Core of Every Personal Brand is a

Story Waiting to be Told

Shannon Peel helps people develop their personal brand and tell their story to the marketplace in different ways  >>

In a world where the attention span is shorter than a tweet, you need to be strategic, creative, and entertaining >>

Shannon Peel

Peeling back the mask to get to the core of the story

Shannon Peel brought her twenty years experience in sales, marketing, advertising, and writing together when she started her own consultant company to help people define their personal brand and create an actionable plan that is sustainable. 

Her ability to analyze data to identify trends, understand how people interact with content, and come up with creative solutions that work within a person's natural talents makes her unique.

Shannon values intelligence, knowledge, and authenticity above all else and has learned a lot about how to succeed by being tenacious, strategic, and patient when going through life's trials. She brings these natural traits to the table along with a wheel house filled with tools, skills, and information to help her clients plan out their personal brand's strategy.



The best way to tell a story is to show the reader the story through words and the best way to promote yourself to the marketplace is to let your work speak for itself. Shannon Peel creates various types of content to tell her client's stories in engaging ways. By providing different media options she ensures the content plan is consistent with branding and the message. Check out her work for yourself.

The MarketAPeel Agency >>


Shannon is able to craft online mass marketing materials ie. E-newsletters, blog posts - that are engaging and interesting. I would recommend her to businesses seeking this type of service from a creative individual who understands the online media world, keywords and SEO.

Kristin Link

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