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Helping You Tell Your Personal Brand Story

Helping You Write Your Story.

You need a book. Everyone says you should write one, but you don't have any idea where to even start or how to write it. You are a busy person who needs to focus on something besides writing your book. Who has time to write a book when you are doing everything you need to do every day? 

This is where I come in. I help you from concept to sale of your book. I help you flesh out the story, and I save you time by doing the grunt work of writing and publishing. I use your words, your thoughts, your ideas to write a book that reflects your personality. Each person I help has a unique voice and I embrace it. 

I do more than help you write your book. I help define the concept, organize the ideas, flesh out the content, develop the layout, design the cover, publish the work, and promote it in the marketplace to increase sales.

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Help people define their personal brands and come up with a plan of action to tell their stories to the marketplace.


Help people write and publish their book to promote their personal brand and tell their stories to the marketplace.


We tell brand stories to the marketplace with MarketAPeel to sell products and services by attracting ideal audiences

Write Your Personal Brand Story

Do you know what your personal brand is? Many people do not have a clear grasp of who they are and what message they want to be telling the world about themselves. 

The Creating MarketAPeel Personal Branding Workbook will help you to define your personal brand, focus your purpose and goals. As you work through each installment you will cement the ideas you've read about in various books, you will discover what you truly want and how to portray your message to the marketplace with MarketAPeel. 

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