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What type of marketing do you need?

Do you need a marketing consultant?

Shannon Peel Marketing provides small businesses, professionals, and contractors, consultant services to audit what they have and assess what they need to achieve their goals. We believe in marketing plans that focus on target markets, business goals, market trends, and a measurable results. Hiring a marketing consultant will ensure your business is going the direction you want, in the manner you want, and with the clients you want.

Shannon Peel is a professional storyteller


Working within your budget to tailor a marketing solution that meets your goals, while giving you more time to do what you do best, thereby giving you more billable hours. 

As a full-cycle marketer with over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, writing, advertising, and project management, Shannon Peel has the education and experience to develop campaign ideas, execute campaigns online and off, along with, analyzing the results to understand the audience.

Consultant Services Include:

Social Media Audits to ensure your message is engaging the right audience 

Website Audits to ensure your message is clear and consise

SEO Audits to ensure your message is being found organically on search engines

Marketing Plans to ensure you have a plan of action to meet your goals

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