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Market A Peel Rewards Program

The Market A Peel Rewards program pays a referral fee when you refer someone who signs on for a monthly marketing program. 


The reward's value is based on which package the referral purchases: 


Banana Peel Package pays $200

Orange Peel Package pays $500

Apple Peel Package pays $1 000


If a referral upgrades from one package to a higher value package within six months, you will receive the difference in reward value. 

The Target Market

Shannon Peel Marketing's target market are independent businesswomen and professionals, over the age of 35, who need a personal brand to set them apart from their competition because they sell the same products and services. They are busy focusing on their core business and need help defining their personal brand and building awareness in the marketplace, both online and off to keep their sales funnel full.

For example: 

Financial Planners, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Alternative Health Providers, Dentists, Small Business Owners, Consultants, Engineers, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors.


Monthly Marketing Management Services for Small Businesses


List of services provided by Shannon Peel Marketing

DIY Marketing

Coffee group for small business owners to discuss marketing ideas

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