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Tell Your Brand Story with


A customized digital brand

storytelling experience 

More than a Magazine

A Multimedia Digital Experience

A MultiMedia story experience

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How it Works

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Stand Out

Stand out by telling your story and showcasing your listings in a publication dedicated to you, your team, your services, and your products. Readers are not distracted by other posts like on social media.


Our professional writers and designers work with you to customize your own magazine to reflect who you are and why people want to work with you to find their next home.

Reader Experience

Designed for to be read on digital devices and enable the readers to customize their experience by finding information they want without overwhelming them with information they don't want.

Closing Tool

Imagine showing a potential listing how their home will be featured as an article in your magazine, which you will send out via email and on social media to your audience. You can also order a print version of the magazine as a gift to homeowners who listed their home with you.

Branding & Marketing

The magazine enables you to tell your brand story to your audience so they can get to know you and discover why they'd choose you as their realtor. The magazine can be embedded into your website, a video of it embedded in an email, and we send you a social media package to share on your platform.

List Building

A list building subscription form is added to all magazines. A subscription form from your list collecting platform is embedded into the magazine so subscriptions are added directly to your current email collecting platform.


Our writers and designers work with you to customize your magazine

Professional Team


Page Turner

We use flip book technology to give it a storybook feel

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Designed for Digital

Our designers design for reading on digital devices, which is different than print


Add video, images, audio, text, downloads, and popups to tell the story


Embed on websites, email to lists, share on social media PLUS MarketAPeel distribution channels

Marketing Content

We provide a marketing content package for email and social media


How it Works

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How it Works

Step One: Design

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First you will be sent a link to a form with options to choose from to let our designers know what you want your magazine to look like.

You then will meet with our designer to go over the design

Step Two: Writer

Meet over zoom with our writer to go over your story and the story of your featured products. You will then go over the articles written by our writer.

Step Three: Final Approvals

You will receive a link to provide comments and request final changes.

Step Four: Marketing

You will receive a content package to use on social media, in emails, and to embed the magazine on your own website.

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