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Get the Most out of Content

You want to let the market know you are an expert in your industry by showcasing a job you are extra proud of. How are you going to get the most out of it though?


Take some photos, a bit of video, and jot down some notes.

Write a case study about the job

Write a blog post about how the job solved a specific problem

Write an FAQ sheet to answer questions people will have about the job

Create graphics to fit on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Create graphics to fit on Instagram

Create a videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Vimeo

Design ads for Adwords & Social Media Ads

Design an ad for a local print magazine or paper

Design a direct mail postcard to send to a specific Postal Code

Add it to your marketing brochures and print materials

Add it to a book as an example of how to do what you do

Sounds like a lot of work - That's where I come in, I can help you create content that is designed to inform your target market on the channels they tune into, be it online or off.

The Target Market

Take a look at the top 20% of your customer base and check to see if they have social media profiles, websites, or any digital footprint. If they don't you will need to focus your efforts on traditional advertising channels to get in front of similar people. 

Think of it this way, if your top 20% client needs you so will people like them. 

So do you need to do everything on this list or be everywhere? No. Be where you feel most comfortable and your target market resides. 


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