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Fantasy Novel

A novella ebook serial 


When a generation are pawns in their father's ambitious power games can

they be free to make their own choices or will they be destroyed?


The Characters.


Raif - A monster of a man who only cares about profits and destroys lives to obtain it

Drela - A tribal woman who has lost her way of life and her husband. Can she protect her children?

Logan - A bachelor by choice and a sell sword hired to protect an old friend as she travels to get married. 

Aleesa - A nobel woman forced to marry a man older than her father so both men can benefit at court. 

Margaret - A young independant woman of the Church who is out to change the world 


Their father's secrets and ambitions move these young lives towards a lonely and sad existence, can they find the freedom to live a life full of love and happiness? Or will they forever be slaves to their father's desires for power and wealth? When the stakes are power over a King and a bank full of money some men will do anything to get their way. The last time the game was played it destroyed lives and futures. 


The game is about to start again.


Follow them on their journeys to discover the secrets past, the choices made, and if they will find redemption.



Sometimes priviledge and money doesn't bring freedom of choice. 


Slavery is the main topic of the series. There is a slaver and a slave where the slavery is obvious as one enslaves the other. There is subtle slavery too, as some are slaves of the ambitions of others and their own choices. The series looks at control and how some are slaves by the nature of their relationships with other people and others are free to make decisions for themselves.


The series is meant to make you think by comparing one life to another to determine who is the slave and who is the slaver.





Part of this series, specifically Captive & Bound, have violence against women scenes.


I struggled with the idea of adding Raif & Drela's story to the series and decided that to understand the magnitude of slavery, and as a foil to the more subtle slavery the other characters experience, it needed to be added.  I tried not to make it too graphic or too heavy by writing the worst scenes from Raif's point of view and not Drela's. I don't know if this will make it easier for you to read or leave you hating Raif all the more for it. I'd like to know your thoughts.  


Captive is free on Smashwords and the violence against women scenes are tamer than the ones in Bound. Here is an excerpt of a violent scene in Captive and an excerpt of a violent scene in Bound

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