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Apple Peel Marketing Management

Shannon Peel Marketing manages Adwords and Social Media PPC campaigns to ensure best practices are followed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Google Adwords is about more than buying keywords. A matching landing page needs to be created and data analyzed to understand how visitors engage with the campaign from start to finish to maximize results.   

Social Media ad results are based on engagement of the target market. An engaging post needs to be created based on data analysis, then monitored closely to determine viability of success. 

Are you paying too much on advertising?

If you are not being strategic, Adwords and social media PPC advertising might be costing you too much. Getting the most out of advertising campaigns takes more than just buying keywords and hoping for the best. Shannon Peel Marketing strategically plans out a campaign, tests the content, and analyses the data to effectively run campaigns to improve return on investment. 


Digital Marketing

Tips on Ads

Are you monitoring your digital ads to ensure that you are getting the lowest price per click?

Creating a well converting landing page is about presenting a sentiment that your audience will connect with

Error Free Posts

How many times have you seen an error online or posted one yourself? 

Click for tips on error free social media posts.

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