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Shannon Peel is a seasoned marketing professional with 20 years of industry experience and a proven track

record delivering results. She is seeking a position where she can apply her skills, motivation and passions.

She is a dynamic, intelligent professional with a proven track record in writing, design, creating presentations,

marketing, website design, Social Media, sales and communication.



Writer, Content Creator, & Digital Marketer - Freelance - Current

Content Creator portfolio link


  •  Writing, Ghostwriting, editing, layout design, cover design, and publishing of books

  • Press Releases, Blog articles and interviews

  • Website content, planning, layout, and using to develop

  • Building a Social Media Following with 8-12% Facebook Engagement

  • Social Media Marketing and Ad Campaign development and analysis

  • Create Social Media visual posts & videos, including explainer videos

  • Internet Marketing and Promotion to increase sales / downloads

  • Analysis of various social media and online marketing analytics

  • Engaging followers and developing virtual online relationships January 2013 – October 2015

Customer Success Coach


  • Wrote informative e-newsletters to clients with an open rate of 60% on average.

  • Researched the industry and came up with ideas to help clients improve their story resulting in more engagement of the program

  • Reported KPIs to ensure targets and knowledge of actual results compared to targets

Client Retention

  • Building relationships with clients by becoming an expert in online reputation management

  • Communicating with clients to help find solutions to obstacles and concerns

  • Emphasizing the value story of

  • Increasing client engagement through education, communication, and marketing

  • Managing the client accounts for better retention due to engagement and results

Education / Training

  • Trained customers on how to maximize their ROI by using the HomeStars profile correctly

  • Educated customers on how to leverage their online reputation and request reviews

Account Management

  • Managed 300 clients

  • Customer Relations, Sales & Marketing, Database management (in house & Salesforce)

  • Reporting metrics utilizing in house methods, mostly Excel

Canpages January 2007 - 2009

Advertising Consultant


  • Provided coaching to small businesses to help owners define goals and presented various advertising option and marketing ideas available to help meet those goals.

  • Keynote speaker at networking luncheons on “How to Choose Advertising for Your Small Business.”

  • Researched SEO, internet marketing tools, economy, markets, and various industries, which aided in up-selling prospects online directory options and wrote copy using SEO principles.

  • Designed spec ads and wrote copy for prospects which aided in larger sales products and proofed ads for clients, resulting in repeat business

Independent Contractor September 2001 – September 2006

Owner / Operator

2000 – 2003 Owned and operated an inhome Daycare with 1 employee who managed the day-to-day care while I

worked outside the home at a brokerage firm.

2003 – 2006 I took over all aspects of the dayhome and took on various contract positions, along with self-education

to enhance my marketing skills. Managed the needs of 11 kids, 6 schools schedules, and 6 families.


  • Created and facilitated a networking group for home based businesswoman, provided coaching, support, marketing and training to help them achieve their goals and learn new skills

  • Planned marketing events to build networking opportunities and bring people together for cooperative marketing opportunities

  • Created comprehensive business plans for small business owners, which outlined contingencies, potential, fundamentals, financials, and a plan of action to meet goals

  • Created websites, utilized adwords, wrote articles, built an online platform and developed my online skills

  • Wrote articles online and for a community newsletter

  • Created marketing materials using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Illustrator, and MS Word

  • Marketing & Photographer for photography company taking portraits, team sports, schools, and Santa photos

  • Lead generation to build a client base for an Automotive business and hired, trained and managed employees

  • Organized events and managed the volunteer needs of 800 families for Tuscany minor soccer increasing experience of event participants, fundraiser profitability, and efficiencies

Financial Planners September 1995 – April 2003

Marketing Assistant


  • Developed and managed direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, trade shows, seminars, newsletters, CRM database, resulting in new leads and clients

  • Called clients with sales recommendations, resulting in higher sales

  • Lead a marketing project for a group of brokers, facilitated meetings, organized details, negotiated with vendors

  • Managed and trained brokers on how to have a successful trade show

  • Created and implemented marketing plans, resulting in consistent communication with clients

  • Conducted marketing research to improve customer service and sales by using surveys, questionnaires

  • Developed a procedural manual for positions to ensure smooth transfer to new employee

  • Consulted with Sr. management to determine priorities, develop plans, and present marketing ideas

  • Booked appointments for the planner, resulting in more efficient time management

  • Researched companies invested in and presented information to the planner

  • Planned and managed client appreciation events, including source vendors, and managed budgets



Digital Footprint and Examples of Work:

My Portfolio - Examples of my work



 Shannon Peel - My personal brand website to showcase my skills and tell my brand story

MarketAPeel - An agency to help professionals define their personal brand stories and tell them to the marketplace

IoT Economist - A blog site designed to promote the personal brand of Nicholas Jeffery, which I ghostwrite, design, and manage

Boljuncic Financial - An information site for an insurance broker, which I designed including the copy 



APeeling - A digital magazine I am launching on September 16 to promote personal brand stories

Pushers of the Possible - A book I designed the layout, cover, and published for a client - Launching this fall

Creating MarketAPeel - A Personal Branding Workbook serial to help people to define their personal brands

#Thats Life - A novel serial I wrote, designed, and published about middle-aged life in the 21st century

Thirteen - A novel I wrote and published about a thirteen year old boy during an invasion of the lower mainland

Social Media:


Personal LinkedIn Profile

Personal Twitter Profile

IoT Economist's Twitter Profile

Biz Dev Plus's Twitter Profile

MarketAPeel's Facebook Profile


UBC Bachelor of Arts (Poli Sci / Econ) September 1991 – April 1995

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