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You Must Always be Learning

In today's world of information overload, not everything you read or learn is truth.


We learn in so many different ways, by doing, by seeing, by listening, by experiencing, and by thinking. Part of learning is questioning what we have learned and analyzing the data.


I am currently in an intensive two week course about business and it is information overload to the point my brain needs to rest in the evening and I am unable to put one more piece of information into it. I love it. Learning, knowledge, and intelligence are my highest personal values.

Marketing Tip Learning education

Looking deeper into an idea, concept, or story is almost compulsory for me. My brain won't shut up until I've satisfied its need for more information on a topic in order to better understand how it connects to the world, people, or other ideas. It can drive me nuts. In this world of information at the touch of a screen, there is no shortage of words, thoughts, and opinions. Time can be easily wasted trying to sort through all the BS to get to the truth, which is why reputation, authenticity, and reliability are so vital.


How do you learn and whom do you go to for reliable information, opinion, and advice?

Stories are Magic

Stories are magic. We need fiction, imagination, and creativity to live.


I've been in an intensive course that has my brain stuffed with information and exhausted by the end of the day. Last night I did something I've not done in ages, I watched TV, well, Netflix, mindlessly for hours on end. This morning, I felt guilty for not working, for wasting time, for doing nothing.


Then I realized that my brain needed to stop thinking to become refreshed and I did not waste my time.

Marketing Tip Stories are Magic

I needed to stop thinking for a time and allow a part of my mind to rest. I learned about life from stories because stories are about choices, heroics, morality, and life. Stories can motivate us and encourage us to think about life, problems, and morality after the story has finished. They tell us about new ideas, heroics, and choices. As a storyteller I have to look at things differently, to find solutions to problems, and understand what choices people will make in certain situations.


I bring these skill to marketing stories to help others understand brands, products, and services in ways they may not have thought of before. What stories in your life motivated you to be better, succeed, or journey forward? 

Strong Woman are Resilient

How many times have you been told that you can't do something?


That you are too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, not talented enough, or not smart enough, to do something that you really wanted to do.


Strong women know what their talents and skills are, what their limitations are, and what skills they can learn. No matter what someone says, they find the strength inside themselves, not from those around them, to go after their dreams. 


They believe in themselves. 


Strong women are resilient

Unfortunately, they usually find themselves in situations where they are not supported and their loved ones put obstacles in their way instead of helping them.  I've learned that strong women know what they want and they go after it even without the support they desperately need.


I am finding my strength after years of abuse and working my way toward my dream regardless of other's doubts and comments.  When has someone told you that you aren't good enough, smart enough, talented enough to do something? Did you listen to them or did you find the strength from deep inside you to go toward your dreams and goals?


I may have hit bottom, again, but I am not going to quit and this time, I will succeed because I don't need the approval and support of those who claim to love me.

Focus on the Positives, The Good Things.

For eight years my life has been constant change, betrayal, and pain. I've lost so much because I've allowed others to control my fortunes.... Never again.


The main lesson I learned from all the change, the hurt, the disappointment, the betrayal... is that there are good things in the negative. 


There are lessons. 

There are opportunities. 

There are choices. 


If you are struggling, if those you love have betrayed and hurt you, if your managers and bosses have shown their own selfish goals that left you in the darkness of negativity... Breathe. 


You are not alone. 


I've been there and survived. So will you. 

Life is filled with good

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I quit looking for a job



I quit.


I will never interview with an HR recruiter, or hiring manager ever again.


No more resumes and answering behavioural interview questions. From here on in ... I'm only talking to business owners.


It's a liberating feeling. I am moving on. Breaking out of the employment hamster wheel that goes no where. I am chatting with Small Business Owners who need Professional Marketing Management Services on a contract basis.

Why I Quit Looking for a Job

Whether a couple hours a week or a couple of days a week, I will work within their budgets to tell their story to the world. So far, I have met some passionate people who only need a marketing plan and someone to execute it to meet their next goal and I look forward to meeting more passionate business people. I only have 40 hours a week to fill and that limits the number of businesses I can work with, which means... I get to work with those who value what I can do for their businesses.


I love what I do and I'm good at it. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about my professional future.

Be Careful with Your Online Comments

Business Owners may believe preaching their political ideology on Social Media is a good idea, however, unless their target market is only people who believe what they believe, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Clients who believe as strongly as you for the other side, may decide to reassess their relationship with you. People will stay with past decisions unless given a catalyst to make a new one. Be careful with your online reputation. 

Marketing Tip online comments

What is Fear?

Motivation quote fear kills dream

Writers use emotion to motivate characters and move them through their story. The two strongest motivators for human behaviour are fear and love. Both are on either side of a weight scale and still interact to fuel each other

An author can use the fear of losing a love or a child to motivate a character into action. She can use the fear of never finding love to create conflict and depth in a character.


Fear of being hurt by someone we love to keep a character stuck and distanced from their target; love. Fear of being loved so much that the character can’t reciprocate, can inspire self awareness or introspection.

We fear that which we do not control. Think about it.

Fear of loss – We can’t control if something is lost or someone is lost.

Fear of object – The object is in control of our response and our safety

Fear of future – No one controls this

Fear of the unknown – You can’t control what you don’t know

Fear of people – Can’t control the actions of others

Fear of public speaking – Really this is the fear of others judging you

So, if we want to live a fearless life – We need to lose control. We need to let it go, accept it, and trust that things will be as they will be. We need to see things for what they really are and not what they might be.

Advice to Think About this New Year!

I put together some advice for 2018 using the alphabet. Here are some words to live by in the new year.


In 2018, please do not remain stuck in regret, bitterness, fear, anxiety, heartache and pain. Forgive yourself for what you did, forgive others for what they did, and then strive to do it differently, to do it better. I hope you will have a successful 2018.


Accept what you cannot change

Be grateful for what you have

Communicate honestly with others

Do not dwell on the past

Engage with others

Forgive yourself and others

Grieve and then move forward

Happiness is a choice

Imagine the life you want

Joke and laugh daily

Kick those who hurt you to the curb

Love those who love you

Mountains are for climbing

No one will fight for you

Open your mind to new ideas

Prepare for tomorrow

Question everything

Read lots of books

Stand up for what you believe in

Talk to one stranger a day

Utilize all opportunities given to you

Value yourself above insecurity

When in doubt, ask for directions

X – seriously who invented this letter?

You are special, remember that

Zombies are coming – Buy a sword

Motivation quote advice abraham lincoln new year

Danger is a Perception

Motivational quote danger perception

Danger is a subjective thing in our world. What one person thinks of as dangerous another person thinks of as normal.


We live in a world where the news terrifies us into staying in our own protective bubbles and disconnected from the world at large. Incidents that happen across town all of a sudden feel next door.


Are our cities and towns as dangerous as we think they are or has the media made us more scared than we need to be? 

Believe in Another's Dream

My dad made this lamp for me out of an antique typewriter and it means the world to me. 

When life keeps throwing curve balls, it can be difficult to stay motivated and positive. When one person believes in you, it can help you move mountains. 

The world can be a cold place where you have to fight for every step forward. When one person stands beside you, it makes every step easier. 

When it feels like you are taking on the world by yourself and the world is winning. When one person holds your hand, it shines a light into the darkness. 

That is what this lamp represents to me, a shining light that makes each step easier as I move mountains. Whenever I look at this lamp, I know there are people who believe in me and my dreams.

Motivational quote - believe in others

Strong Women Don't Need a Man

Motivational quote strong women are

Strong women fix their own problems and don't wait for some 'hero' to show up and help her.


More and more women are opting to be strong and are not looking for a man to save them from life's challenges. Has this attitude affected relationships and been a factor in the rising divorce rates?


In my experience most men don't want to be the hero, they aren't looking to save a woman and want a partner.

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Motivational quote success hardwork
Motivational quote acceptance love
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