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Many Vancouver & area, BC, homes have Cedar Shakes on their roofs, which are beautiful, very West Coast, and natural. However, owners have to be aware of cedar shake roofing maintenance practices to extend the life of their roof. Cedar shakes naturally repel water and have anti-fungal qualities, the problems come when they are neglected and left to face their enemies alone.

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Larger organizations, with multiple locations, are at risk of incidents lowering their efficiency due to localized reporting systems, which are unstandardized, incomplete, and incapable of producing a comprehensive perspective. Incident Management Software collects standardized data from the whole organization to analyze incidents, run comprehensive reports, and prevent similar incidents from occurring, thereby, increasing the efficiency of the company, as a whole.

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Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla?

The compact car is the perfect vehicle choice for the urban dweller, however, with all the choices available, which model is best suited for those living in Vancouver?  Whether going to the Okanagan for a weekend road trip or up to Whistler for a day of skiing, a vehicle needs interior space, power, fuel economy, and the reliability to get you back to Vancouver.

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Whether you are inviting guests over for a dinner party, sitting down to watch TV or you are selling your home, you want the interior to look it’s best. A fresh coat of paint in the right colour can make the best impression on visitors and improve your mood.

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In todays world, we have the tools to connect on a scale that was considered science fiction when I was born, forty some odd years ago.Generation X started their journey in the dark ages and grew with a world that became more digitally connected and more isolating.


Professionals and Executives can benefit from writing a book as an expert in their field and then use the book as a marketing tool for their company. Many people dream of writing a book one day and those who have are benefiting from the experience. Books give the impression to the marketplace that you know your stuff and are an expert in your field. 

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In the 21st Century it is not enough to only have a resume and a cover letter to get noticed by potential employers, you also need an online reputation, a story of who you are. A job search is the practice of marketing, advertising and telling your story to potential employers. The novel, THIRTEEN taught me a lot about telling one's story online. 

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