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Content tells your 

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Content is King


Content has become the new buzz word in Marketing and company’s around the world are scrambling to create as much content as possible on their Internet footprint. The theory is that quality content will rise to top, like cream on fresh milk, however this is not always the case due to human nature. The amount of memes and clutz humour that goes viral on social media can attest to this.

A company’s content must always speak to the brand, the mission, the image the company wishes to portray to the market place. Social Media campaigns designed to go viral cannot be gimmicks for the sake of reach only, but must at their core still speak to the company’s brand message.

For example, in 2013 WestJest Airlines created a campaign called Christmas Miracle where they gave travellers their Christmas gift wish upon arriving at their destination. The video of this stunt increased the reach of WestJet over to over fourteen million views in just three days and increased it’s subscribers by 320%. On the surface this campaign could be interpreted as a stunt to get more reach out of their content, however at it’s core it has stayed within the parameters of WestJet’s core belief that “just because you pay less for your flight, doesn’t mean you should get less.” In Canada, WestJet is known for it’s cheaper fares, high level of service, and casual attitude.

When assessing an idea, ask the following questions:

  1. How does the idea speak to our core message?

  2. Does the idea fit into our current marketing plan?

  3. What is the real goal of this idea?

  4. How will success be measured.

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