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Meet the Characters of Thirteen

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A YA Novel for Boys & Girls

YA Novel for Boys and Girls, coming of age
YA Novel for Boys and Girls

The Teenager & Main Character - Jack


Jack has become a teenager and wants the freedom that he believes goes with it. He is a 13 year old teen boy who lives with his single mother in a seaside border town on Canada's West Coast. He has just left the confines of Elementary school where teachers treat students like children to the freedom of High School where students get to do what they want, or so Jack thinks.  


He is trying the EMO image out at the moment, listening to punk bands and screamo music, wearing black and growing his hair long in the front. His new friends, Rog and Aiden, get him into trouble by skipping school and suggesting he sneak out of his house after curfew. 


Click to find out more about the thirteen year old boy, Jack

The Single Mother - Sydney 


Sydney is struggling with her son's change in personality and attitude. Sydney is a 38 year old single mother still reeling from her divorce. She is trying to balance work, home, and raising a rebellious teen boy all while starting to date a nice man. The last thing she needs is chaos, however chaos is exactly what she gets when Foreign soldiers take over their seaside border town.


She is a doer and likes to get things done. She is very independant and rarely asks anyone for help because she is usually doesn't need it. She is very self reliant and resourceful, two qualities that she will need to help them survive without power. 

Click to find out about the single mother, Sydney 


YA novel for boys and girls sold on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Other ebooks sold on Kobo, Barnes & Nobel, Smashwords and wherever ebooks are sold.

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