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How to Break Your Big Marketing Goals Down to Succeed.

What is Your Big Marketing Goal?


Think about the reason why you are marketing in the first place and see what you want your marketing to do for your business. Is it to gain leads? Make sales? Build a brand? Attract talent?  If there is more than one purpose, that's good. 

For example, my big marketing goal is to be seen as a thought leader in personal branding and digital marketing to gain followers, attract clients, sell books, and book speaking engagements. I want people to know my name and want to talk with me because they value my knowledge, my creative problem solving, and ability to see solutions to their problems. My brand will attract quality talent to my business to help take my business and personal brand to the next level. 

That's a pretty big goal. It's a dream I had when I had my first job as a marketing associate in the Financial Planning industry and was set aside to focus on the day to day tasks of raising two children and keeping a demanding, unsupportive, husband happy. I succeeded at raising two independent, self sufficient, intelligent children. I failed at making my husband happy and ended up divorced, which is one reason I was able to focus on my dreams again. 

You have your big marketing goal clearly defined. You know why you want your goal and what your marketing purpose is. Does it seem so huge you have no idea where to start? 

Draw out an organizational chart

First break out your marketing goals into their major sub goals. For example, my big goal would break up as follows:

Create a Strong Personal Branding
Marketing Management Services

Marketing Consultation and Coaching

Book & Speaking Engagements

The main goal that touches all these subgoals is Personal Branding. I put it on the top of the chart and below it each of the other sub goals. Since a strong personal brand is the main sub goal, I start a second chart and break this goal into smaller sub goals that need to be achieved to drive the bigger goal's success. I then do the same for each sub goal. 

What is it going to take? 

You will have a number of different charts of sub goals that have identified smaller sub goals. Are there any of these smaller sub goals that show up on more than one of the sub goal charts? For example, a Facebook Page that is highly valuable to my target market shows up on all four sub goal charts, making it a higher priority. I take this smaller sub goal and create another organizational chart that breaks this goal down into small sub goals.

Now what? 

You keep breaking down each sub goal into smaller sub goals until you get down to daily tasks. Once you've broken all the sub goals into daily tasks you can create a calendar of daily tasks that need to happen in order to work towards your larger goal. 

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