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Shannon Peel

My name is Shannon Peel. I am currently looking for the right opportunity and team to help tell a brand's story to the marketplace and drive results forward. The right organization will value hard work, creative process, and independent personalities. 

I have a unique skill set due to my experience in sales, marketing, public relations, and content creation. I have sold advertising, cars, pump jacks, oil pipe, and digital solutions for small and medium sized businesses. I've written two novels and helped others to write and publish their non-fiction books. Add to that the blogs, videos scripts, white papers, and website copy, I am able to take on most writing projects with successful outcomes. I have run social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing campaigns. All this experience and varied skill set gives me a unique perspective and understanding of a brand's story and how to tell it to the marketplace for the best results. 

If your organization wants a leader with an old fashion work ethic and contemporary digital skills, I may be the person you are looking for - Contact me to discuss your company's brand storytelling needs.

I look forward to getting to know your story.

Shannon Peel

Magazines Shannon has Publishes and Places She's been Quoted

Shannon Peel's Bio

Shannon Peel grew up in Enderby, BC where her family's root run deep. Growing up where television was either non existent or very limited she relied on books & imagination to travel into the world beyond. 

She went to UBC to study and earned a general studies BA with a concentration in Political Science and Economics. Macro analysis of world events, social justice and human motivations became a passion of hers. This passion is a driving force in her novels, which have political, economic, and social justice undercurrents. 

After a career in the financial field she decided to run a home based business and raise her two children until school age when she return to the workforce as a sales / marketing / advertising professional.

Shannon brought together all her skills, talents, and passions to create a brand storytelling platform called MarketAPeel. Under the MarketAPeel umbrella she publishes a monthly digital magazine called APeeling, a blog called UnPeeled, and a podcast called BrandAPeel. She works closely with her clients to tell their stories to their audiences on various platforms. 

Here core values are communication, independence, authenticity, integrity, and hard work.


THIRTEEN is her debut full size paperback novel and #ThatsLife is her second novel.



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