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How to be an Expert

Do you want to be seen as an Expert in your Industry? There are three things you need to be seen by the market as an expert in your industry. 


They are:





Do you have the education, life experience, or skills to be an expert?


If you have certifications, awards, work experience, examples of your work, or simply have the knowledge about the topic, you will have to communicate your credentials to your target audience. 


For example, I have 20 years experience in marketing, sales, customer relations, and writing. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in economics and certifications from the online companies, Google, Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Moz. To back up this statement, I have a portfolio of work on my website, three novels, and a number of social media platforms showcasing my skills. 

Determine your credibility and communicate your

credentials succinctly and visually when possible. 

Once you have a solid reason why someone should listen to you, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Authenticity is vital to create trust in your industry because you don't want someone to discredit you because you weren't honest about your knowledge. 


Like me, you may have a wide general knowledge of a topic or industry and might be tempted to showcase everything you know all at once. It is easier to start by choosing one or two topics to write about, tweet about, broadcast about, podcast about. Once you have exhausted everything you know on the topic, go on to the next one. 


By tackling one topic at a time, you are creating a resource online that will provide solid keywords for SEO and you can connect all your content easily from social media posts to blog posts on the topic. 


Take the topic, How to be an Expert, as an example.


I have a video on YouTube and Facebook entitled, How to be an Expert. I share this video on social media and link it back to this article for more information. I also have various graphic posts with quotes on being an expert, tips on How to be an Expert and third party “expert” articles on the subject to share on social media. Each post links back to this article where I have established my credentials, have links to my portfolio, and more information on other marketing tips. 


Be deep with your knowledge. The more you can teach someone about a narrow topic, the more credible you become. The more content on the topic you have to share, the more visible you become online. 


Think about the people you believe to be ‘Experts’ online.

Why did you start paying attention to them in the first place?


They probably showed up more than once for you to pay attention. In fact, I bet you saw their name, face, or logo over ten times before you began to believe they were someone worth listening to. 


There are plenty of times I go to an event or even to rent a kayak at the beach where someone I’ve never met knows my name. They don’t always know what I do, but my name is familiar. My name also dominates the first three pages of Google. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, Google Shannon Peel and see how many of the links are about me. They aren’t all about my marketing services, however, I am more than just a marketing professional, I am a professional storyteller. 


It takes work. It takes time. It takes focus to be seen as an ‘Expert’ in your field online. There are so many people trying to be the next big name in your industry that the noise can be overwhelming, however, if you start with narrow topics and work out from there before you know it, you’ll be seen as the one to follow. 


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How to Show the Market you are an Expert:






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